Have You Inspected Your Internet/BDC Processes Lately?

I’m so pleased to have Marc McGurren on the PCG Consulting team.  Marc is a great teacher and leader and I’m learning more each week about the opportunities and profit leaks in dealership Internet departments.

Over the past few months I have been asking dealer principals and GM’s to rate their Internet/BDC Departments and the majority rated their team’s performance as “C+” or “B-“.  A few gave their teams a failing score.

The executives I spoke with realize that their Internet sales team was working hard,  However, they recognized that their staff still had much more room to grow.  Many were frustrated in selecting the best coaching/process partner.  They thought that the challenges in their store were unique.

The more stores I see in action, the uniqueness argument holds little weight.

Approximately 80% of what Internet/BDC employees should be doing could be defined by industry best practice.  The basic processes and what I would call “blocking and tackling” skills are just not being executed each day.

As you know, the basic are vitally important to a store’s success.

How Do You Score A Dealership’s Internet Team?

Dealers I spoke with did not know how to rate their team vs. other dealers.  Dealers were not sure what they could realistically expect post intervention from a third party trainer, like Marc McGurren, Joe Webb, Cory Mosley, Joni Stuker, or other top consultants.

From my perspective, the biggest profit leak at most dealerships is how they handle phone ups and how leads are handled via their CRM processes.

That should make this area of operations the #1 priority to inpsect, measure, and benchmark.  Investing in BDC training should also be a priority but many budgets don’t reflect that reality.

To complicate matters, for the 18,000 franchise dealers, there are only a handful of BDC trainers that are actively promoting themselves online or in the automotive forums.

Improving BDC Performance

One of the reasons why PCG Consulting was created was to help dealers deal with their #1 profit leak in a platform  neutral format.  The PCG Consulting team will come into the dealership and optimize the dealer’s current technology (website, CRM, etc.) to increase their success.

That include working with competent vendor partners who bring to the table unique products and solutions that can enhance success.

One such example is Jerry Thibeau from www.PhoneNinjas.com who has helped countless dealers inspect and improve agent phone skills.  We are finding that the PhoneNinjas.com Phone Skills Index (PSI) scoring system is directly related to appointment rates.  Dealers now have a clear path to show how investments in training result in greater profitability.

Marc’s field experience is creating measurable improvements in BDC process in conjunction with PSI scoring.  Dealers need a coach who has been a proven leader and that can give BDC agents confidence and a path for success.

Marc walks into a dealership with a proven system for success and if you have ever met Marc, his passion for the car business is contagious.   This goes the same for professionals like Joe Webb, Cory Mosley, Jerry Thibeau who are passionate people who know how to make changes stick.

Is It Time For An Intervention?

I hope that dealers who are reading this post take a moment to reflect on the impact of increasing lead closing rate 25%, 50%, or even 100%.  The calls and leads are already coming in, so is it time to see how your team stacks up?

I have listed four companies, in addition to PCG Consulting, that provide BDC assessment and training to help your team succeed.  Don’t delay getting help for your BDC.
Marc McGurren, Joe Webb, Joni Stuker, and Jerry Thibeau will all be at the 2012 Automotive Boot Camp helping car dealers with their Internet and BDC Processes.

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