Location Based Mobile Promotions To Be Discussed At Boot Camp

I was standing at the Macy’s checkout counter today and decided to “check-in” using FourSquare.  That 10 second action saved me 15% of my purchase at the register.

I saved $40 by tapping a few buttons on my smartphone.  Do you think consumers will engage with location based apps if their reward in money in the bank?

Lately, I have seen more business owners running incentives using location based media on FourSquare.

Emerging ZMOT Investments

I encourage their initiatives because these mobile investments most likely support what they are already doing via email, newspaper, and online.   Location based promotions are a Zero Moment of Truth investment.

Best of all, these incentives touch LOCAL consumers.  So you can imagine the traction if you started to entice local consumers to visit your dealership.

Could a service incentive start to lure consumers away from popular franchise chain stores like Jiffy Lube?

I’m not going to go into specific strategies that can be used for service promotions or sales for new and used cars at this time.  Those campaigns are best tailored to the specific goals of the dealership. But I have to ask you: Is it time for your dealership to engage?

My answer is YES.  The mega retailers are finding significant traction in social media promotions.  Just this week, I wrote about the Twitter Promoted Tweet program with American Express.  This week BMW just announced a Facebook promotion to give away a 2012 BMW 3-Series via a video contest.

The point is simple.  If you don’t have a strategy and process to test social media promotions, get one started.  Why fall behind when all car dealers are looking for ways to stand out in the Zero Moment of Truth?

Local Based Promotions Are Not Just For Mega Retailers

All types of businesses are using local based media promotions.  I was just at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino for the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) and even the casino bar had a way to entice our spending.

Do you start to see the potential?  When consumers are using their smart phone to select a local restaurant, bar, or car service facility why do you entice them to do business with you?

Amy’s Omelet House in Long Branch, New Jersey gives 15% off all bills for simply checking in on FourSquare.  I use that coupon every time I visit the restaurant for breakfast.

I’m getting addicted to checking into retail establishments just to see how much money I can save.  I think this is just the beginning…think how big “couponing” is and now think about instant coupons on a mobile device.

So, share your local based app story and/or tell me how your dealership is leveraging this emerging digital strategy.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting Inc


P.S.  There will be specific workshops on Local Based Marketing  and Local Search Marketing at the 2012 Automotive Boot Camp which will be held in Las Vegas, May 15-17th.  Early Bird discount end March 1st.

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