Boot Camp Fitness Program Lead by Rick Ivone

Rick Ivone FitnessThe Automotive Marketing Boot Camp which starts on Saturday April 16th truly has something for everyone in the automotive industry and that include attendees that are focused on personal fitness and increasing their energy levels naturally.

Prior to the start of each day’s automotive training workshops, Rick Ivone will be leading Boot Camp attendees in a morning fitness and stretching program.

According to Ivone “Anyone attending the morning workout sessions will have more energy throughout the day and not less.”  Ivone is the personal trainer and business coach to PCG Digital Marketing CEO, Brian Pasch.   Rick is also a Type One Diabetic with an amazing story that will be shared with attendees of the Boot Camp.

The morning workout sessions start at 5:30 am and are designed for people at all fitness levels.  Rick Ivone encourages all who are registered for the Boot Camp to start the day with movement.  Ivone added “We were created to move and movement creates energy.  I’ll be showing attendees who to burn fat and not sugar as part of the morning sessions.  Most people don’t know the difference and their home workout and running sessions are not helping them to burn fat. We have unlimited supplies of fat which creates clean burning fuel for our bodies.”Slow Burn Stu Mittleman

Slow Burn by Stu Mittleman

All attendees of the morning training sessions will also receive a free copy of “Slow Burn” by US ultra marathon record holder Stu Mittleman. Stu set the world record for the 1,000 mile run as well as setting numerous ultra-long distance running records.

Stu is a unique individual and close friend of Brian Pasch and Rick Ivone.  Slow Burn discusses how to properly burn fat from exercise and how to avoid burning sugars to maintain high energy levels.  The book will change your thoughts on running and exercise forever.

Start Your Day With Movement

As exciting as the Boot Camp program will be, nothing will prepare your mind and body for the speakers and workshop leaders than proper movement.  Attendees are encourages to attend the morning workout sessions.  Questions about the morning program can be addressed to Rick Ivone at:

Dealers can register for the Boot Camp online at or you can call Renee McGowan at 732.450.8200 ext 5.

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