Automotive Social Media Training Featured at 2011 Boot Camp

One of the hottest topics in automotive digital marketing is undoubtedly social media.  At this year’s Automotive Marketing Boot Camp in Orlando, dealer professionals will learn how to engage social media fans and leverage blogging and social media tools to attract more business and convert more leads.  A diverse range of social media marketing experts are slated to speak at the Boot Camp which takes place April 16-18th at the Hilton Orlando.

Social media is revolutionizing the way dealerships conduct business online and is forever changing the way dealer professionals interact with current and potential customers.  The roster of social media experts speaking at the Marketing Boot Camp will unravel the mystery behind social media success and reveal the biggest mistakes dealers make when incorporating social media into their digital marketing plan.

Social Media Marketers

Featured social media speakers like Tim Martell of WikiMotive will share game changing strategies for dealers to develop a compelling and financially advantageous Facebook presence. At the conclusion of Tim’s workshop, many attendees will have a completed and customized Facebook fan page for their dealership.

SOCIALDEALER, a comprehensive social media management technology company for auto dealers will also be networking with boot camp attendees as a sponsor and will be on-hand to speak with dealers that want to learn how to effectively manage their social media networks growth, performance and effectiveness.

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Additional boot camp speakers focusing on Social Media Marketing include JD Rucker, Director of New Media at TK Carsites, and Paul Potratz, COO of Potratz Advertising, a full service automotive advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing strategies for auto dealers.

The Boot Camp includes hands-on training in many of the most significant automotive marketing topics including CRM systems, BDC structure and workflow, Google AdWords, blogging, lead management processes, video optimization and more, in the form of panel discussions, workshops, round-tables and presentations.  An absolute must for GMs, Internet Managers and Dealer Principals, the 2011 Automotive Marketing Boot Camp will empower dealers to strategize and execute for digital marketing success in 2011 and beyond.

See the full list of Boot Camp presenters online.

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