Allan Chell of cDemo to Speak At 2011 Automotive Marketing Boot Camp

PCG Digital Marketing is pleased to announce that Allan Chell of cDemo will be a featured presenter at the 2011 Automotive Marketing Boot Camp.  The topic of Allan’s workshop is: “The Impact of Rich Content”.

allan chellThe “Impact of Rich Content” workshop will explore and discuss three primary elements that impact the dealer’s ability to generate online leads and facilitate online transactions. The purpose of this workshop is to enlighten and educate the participants on the importance of generating the unique content that consumers are searching for in the online environment.

Topics to be discussed and/or demonstrated in a 90 minute interactive, informative and engaging atmosphere.

1) Content

A) How searchable is your unique vehicle content.

B) Do your search listings engage people to click on your content first

C) Does your vehicle content engage and hold the viewers attention

D) Is your unique vehicle content actionable

2) Process and Control

A) Explore the current processes being used by dealers to capture, manage and distribute vehicle content

B) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each process

3) New Technology

A) Get your hands on the latest technology and experience the options related to taking control of your content

4) Question and Answer with Facilators

PCG Digital Marketing organizes the annual Automotive Marketing Boot Camp, which attracts dealers who seek to increase their competitive edge through education of automotive industry best practices, strategies, and technology.

Attendees of the Boot Camp will benefit from a diverse roster of automotive marketing experts and automotive leaders that include JD Rucker, Tracy Myers, Eric Miltsch, Sean Wolfington, Brian Pasch, Jeff Kershner, Andrew DiFeo, Gary May, and Rob Fontano.

Learn Google Adwords Strategies and More at Boot Camp in Orlando

boot camp orlando

Register for the 2nd Annual Boot Camp April 16-18 in Orlando.

Topic to be covered during the 2011 Automotive Marketing Boot Camp include digital marketing, social media engagement, lead management processes, BDC structure and workflows, video publishing, reputation management, Google Places marketing, Google Adwords strategies, automotive blogging, content syndication, website analytics, as well as Automotive SEO.

The Automotive Marketing Boot Camp is very unique and effective because participants receive conference materials in advance of the class and come fully prepared to engage in actual demonstrations.  Participants use their own accounts during the classes so that they can then continue to work with them on their own long after the boot camp.

This year the Automotive Marketing Boot Camp has introduced longer workshop sessions and labs (2.5 hrs) to allow important topics to be covered in greater detail.  The 2011 Automotive Marketing Boot Camp will also feature Technology Showcases, which will offer attendees a glance at the latest vendor innovations for the automotive industry.


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